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Electric car commercials are everywhere and any time you turn on your Tv. We’re speaking about electric vehicles that use 100% electricity not the hybrids which you can find all over the place nowadays. About 20 years ago this had been a thing that was a science fiction fantasy, but now this is something which is true reality.

At this point in time you are only going to find a few businesses which are actually building these vehicles. While electric automobiles have many benefits there are in addition disadvantages and we will be talking about both of them on this page.

With regards to one of the benefits of this kind of vehicle you must realize that the major benefit is not needing to invest in fuel for this car ever again. I am sure you have to already be thinking how much money you can in fact save by not needing to fill up each and every week with gas. Actually if you are one of the men and women who spend about $60.00 in order to fill up their gas tanks, and you need to do this each week, you are going to end up saving over $3000 every year by utilizing an electrical car as opposed to a vehicle that runs on gas. You should also recognize that $3000 extra every year is a thing that could actually end up improving your lifestyle.

Along with the benefit of you saving all this money you are going to also realize that you are not contributing to the pollution of the planet. Big oil companies is one of the major reasons the planet is polluted on a daily basis, and owning an electric car will help to reduce the grip that big oil has on both you and your lifestyle. The pollution of the planet is something which is incredibly serious and anything you can do to help reduce this will be advantageous.

oil companies is pollutedOf course with any new kind of technology you are going to find drawbacks and there is no exception here. The one and only downside I can think of would be the fact that these electric cars have a limited driving distance of approximately 100 miles. The fact is the fact that the majority of men and women won’t need to travel over 100 miles as they simply use their automobiles to get to work and to get home again. Nevertheless you’ll find other individuals who have a problem with this if they wish to take their vehicles on long trips. Yet another thing you’re going to find is you won’t have the ability to take this on a cross country trip in order to get from one side of the United States to the other.

electric automobilesIf you’re looking to save money on gas and also help our planet of the same time and electric car can be a fantastic option. Huge money can be saved with this vehicle but you’re going to find it costs a lot more than a common vehicle would.

In fact, in a matter of 10 years your fuel savings may be more than $30,000. When you take into account the advantages and the one disadvantage of this kind of vehicle you’re going to discover that it’s well worth the investment.
What’s Next for Electric Cars

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