Place plants around your houseThere are all sorts of things you can do around your home to avoid using too much energy. Place plants around your house to help clean your immediate environment. Decreasing indoor pollutants by over 50% can be done by just adding plants to your home. Plants such as the English ivy and peace lilies are terrific at absorbing harmful gases like benzene and formaldehyde. Get plants that are not poisonous if you have pets or little kids.

You can save water by doing small things like using less water when you take a bath. It’s better to take a bath than to shower since you use less water. If you just have to shower, do so quickly. Installing low-flow shower-heads and faucets can reduce the amount of water used by almost 50 percent. You may want to install low-flow toilets also. You can save some water with the new low-flush toilets, and they actually produce less greenhouse gases during the process of purification. If you are not planning to get a new toilet, try putting a plastic bottle with the cap on in the toilet tank so the tank uses less water.

save waterYou can save money by getting your appliances or electronics repaired rather than having them replaced, unless you can buy the newer energy-saving models. On top of saving money, by getting them fixed, they won’t end up in the landfills anytime soon.

You can avoid wasting energy by hanging your garments out to dry instead of using a dryer. Over 400 loads of laundry are done by the regular home annually, and that uses a great deal of energy to dry that many clothes. Merely hanging your garments on an indoor drying rack can greatly cut down your electricity consumption. There are many clothes-line designs and many can easily be put away when not in use. These clothes-lines are okay to be moved in open air on a deck or patio depending on the weather.

garments out to dry insteadIf you take drugs for acute conditions, you may not have finished them yet. They might be in your medicine cabinet and they may have already expired. Try to not flush the expired pills down the toilet as they can get into the water supply and harm someone. To do away with them, take them to a drugstore, and if they won’t take the expired pills, they will be able to tell you where to dispose of them.

If your home has a fireplace, employ a direct-vent gas fireplace to burn more efficiently. Almost 85% of the gas used in an open fireplace goes to waste. The most awful type is the wood-burning hearth because the heat is sucked in and directed up the chimney. If this takes place, what is the use of having a hearth?

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