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With regards to the foods that you purchase, you may not understand it, but they can have a negative impact on the earth. Despite the fact that most men and women have never considered that the food that they buy can have this effect. However, the foods we consume can be having a negative effect on the planet in more than one way. Therefore we made our minds up to go over a couple of the negative impacts that can be produced by buying certain foods.

One thing that you may never have given much thought to is usually that in order to get the foods to the food markets it is usually trucked in from all over the country. However it doesn’t end there as Americans will in addition ship in foods from several countries. You should also recognize that the further away the food is, the more fuel it is going to take to get this food to our food markets. In the first place the farmers need to send the food to centers for distribution, and this involves the use of trucks that use fuel.

The food is then sent from here to the supermarkets warehouse where the foods get inspected again and made ready to be sent out to all the stores. And more fuel is utilized again for the trucks to have the ability to deliver this food stuff. Now the food has practically ended it journey, the final thing to do is to load up new trucks with this food and ship it to the stores. This is a lot of fuel being burned which also leads to a great deal of pollution being released into our atmosphere.

Although this is of course harmful to the atmosphere, there is another way we are adding to the pollution of our planet. Most of these farms will be using chemical compounds on the food to help them get a better crop. They can do this with chemical fertilizers and other chemicals that can make the food grow bigger. These types of chemical compounds are typically sprayed on which ultimately ends up polluting our air and our soil. While some will argue that the foods can just be washed off, what about the chemical substances that seep into the foods?

Now you should also understand that chemical fertilizers are not the only thing that gets sprayed on these kinds of foods. You will see that farmers will likely use poison (chemical pesticides) to keep insects from destroying their crops. And the same as the other chemicals they will spray these toxic compounds on causing them to go into the atmosphere and soil.

Certainly this poison which is meant to kill bugs is also on the actual food that individuals are going to eat.. Even though the government states these foods that are OK to eat, the fact that they had poison sprayed on them, will make me wonder.

There is a way to avoid all of this which is by only buying foods that are grown locally and foods which are also organic. This can reduce the level of pollution from the commercial transport trucks transporting the food. Also by making certain all the food you buy is organic you will not only be helping your overall health, but you will be helping by not contributing to the farmers which are utilizing these chemicals. If you care about our planet and your health, buying locally grown organic foods can help both. You can help your health and our planet by choosing only locally grown organic foods
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