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Global warming and acid rain are but two of the devastating effects we are presently observing as the result of pollution. It seems as if we’re dismissing the damage we’re doing to this amazing planet of ours. For city-dwellers it must look like a tantalizing mirage to think of inhaling cool, clean air into their lungs, with no harmful poisons or toxins. We’re already paying the price, though, for the toxins we keep producing; the environment and our physical well-being is being endangered by the air’s toxicity.

Global warming and acid rainAll types of life found in that enormous body of water, our oceans, which cover 70% of planet earth’s surface, are being ravaged by pollutants such as oil and chemical spillage, which inevitably affects us as well. For many people who earned a living from the sea as fishermen they no longer have a job because of pollution.

Since way back in time, fishing has fed and given economic means to a large section of our population, all of which is now being taken from many. Anyone wanting to be persuaded of how destructive oil spills are, need look no further than the recent Deep water Horizon catastrophe, which cost billions to eventually fix and left many unemployed. So much wildlife died in that incident, not just fish but birds as well, affecting the whole eco system which can cause no end of problems in the food chain. All of this just to harvest oil, a shameful demonstration of humans putting themselves before other creatures and the planet.

ocean pollutionAs the the planet’s known oil reserves creep toward exhaustion, billions are pumped into exploration for new fields, money which could be used to increase and develop green energy production. Current green energy solutions, which do no damage to the environment, are capable of providing a lot of our energy needs. One alternative which is able to heat water in addition to provide power, is solar panels, which are very efficient in sunny locations. An additional green energy source is wind turbines, that change energy contained in wind to electricity. The plus side of wind turbines is they work 24/7, assuming there is enough wind. The time to put into practice an aggressive green energy program is now, given the environmental damage caused by oil, and the limited supply thereof. Who knows, maybe the devastation of pollution and global warming could not just be stopped, but possibly reversed.

solar wind power We will experience some benefits in the short term and generations to come will benefit in the long term.

Rather than being at the mercy of severe weather patterns and harsh living conditions, our children, and their children, could live healthily in a clean, beautiful, and bounteous environment. Beginning to live green, along with taking good care of the environment, will be the only way we can ensure this.

good care of the environmentIt will be worth all the money, time and huge effort required, if we can stop the unyielding march of the harm we are doing to our planet.
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