Jun 192012

When you think of living green, you likely never would have thought that being the owner of a Hummer could be part of it. Nonetheless, with a number of alternative fuels coming to market, being a green Hummer owner is doable. General Motors has bought the Hummer brand and is trying to build one that runs on alternative fuels. As the regular Hummer gets very poor fuel mileage and uses considerably more fuel than a regular vehicle, it has never been the preferred vehicle of the environmentalists. It simply made sense that an alternative fuel Hummer would be designed by someone, so that the masses could afford them, and the environment would not be hit adversely.

Hummer GreenA group that is on the cutting edge of the green movement has taken on the challenge to develop an environmentallyfriendly Hummer. A not-for-profit organization called Eco-Trek, led by Tom Holm, encourages the use of alternative sources of fuel.

Considering his connection with Eco-Trek and the fact that he was tired of his petrol-guzzling Hummer, Tom wanted to make it more eco-friendly. Thus, he not just determined to change his Hummer and make it more efficient, he succeeded in doing it. Not only that, Tom has been able to turn it into a lucrative business selling modified Hummers.

Eco-Trek In addition, Tom makes the vehicles visually attractive, by tricking them out, which actually is preferred by the young crowd. Tom’s Hummers have generated a considerable amount of attention from the young crowd due to its fashionable designs and its environmentally safe underpinnings. These Hummers use less petroleum than hybrid autos since they run on biodiesel fuel. These modified vehicles can run entirely on vegetable oil; actually, using only Crisco, you can power one of these alternative fuel Hummers. As a result, Tom’s Hummer can go 23 miles per gallon on the highway without any type of oil fuel.

Celebrities appear to be big on the environmental movement, specially with their vehicles, even to liking these earth-friendly Hummers. FormerCalifornia governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger has two eco-friendly Hummers. Just recently, he had one modified to run on hydrogen too, which gives off no greenhouse gas. Anytime your automobile can run on a fuel and not produce any greenhouse gases, it is good for the planet. If you want to own a Hummer, but don’t want a gas hog, you can now find one that utilizes alternative fuels.

Schwarzenegger eco-friendly HummerYou can get an environment-friendly Hummer or you can convert the one you own into an environment-friendly variant. It will cost you money, but you will be helping to save our environment, and in the long haul driving a Hummer can be well worth the price, if it is powered by alternative fuels.
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