Jul 152012

Chances are that you have never heard of ultimate green lumber, unless you are in the building industry. Decks and deck furniture are common uses of this product, which any environmentally conscious man or women will endorse wholeheartedly. Eco-lumber and plastic lumber are two of the more common names for the ultimate green lumber, but there are several others, including poly-wood, poly-wood, and permo-wood. You don’t always find that a material is good for the environment and also inexpensive, but this new material is just that and has had a great impact on the patio furniture industry.

Eco-lumberIt may look like typical lumber in shape, but it is made out of plastic containers, like recycled milk jugs. The similarity to wood goes further, in that this green product may be cut, sawed and drilled in a similar manner - it even has the same texture. Wherever you are accustomed to seeing lumber, particularly outdoors, you now see this material: in playground equipment, benches and tables in public places, and obviously, decks and patio furniture.

This green product is a terrific way to make use of the ever-growing amount of plastics that are being recycled. A decade ago, 234 million pounds of plastic containers were recycled, and that number has now grown to 1.5 billion pounds.

plastics recycledIn order to avert being attacked by insects, regular lumber should be treated with many chemicals. Wood does start to rot in the outdoors and needs frequent re-finishing; left untreated it will eventually rot. Plastic lumber does not have any deadly chemicals and will thus not leak contamination into the soil. Washing it down with a hose now and again is the only care that’s involved. Poly-wood can be successfully used in any climate, from salty, windy coastlands to icy winter areas through to tropical paradises.

Plastic lumberThis eco-wood should not be confused with some light, plastic product that has been made into chairs, like you see on lots of decks. Plastic lumber is a heavy material, and is supplied at 2×4 and 2×6 thicknesses. It is used just like real hardwood; cut in the same manner and screwed down in the same way.

It works well with stuff used on a deck or around a pool, and there are new things for it to be used for being concocted all the time. Plastic turned into lumber is something you can use instead of regular hardwood which you will also find cost-effective. It has numerous uses, is guaranteed to last for many years, and doesn’t rot, splinter, or get infested with bugs.

SaveTreesYou will help in the drive to cut down fewer trees by choosing to use furniture constructed from plastic lumber. Keeping trees is one of the big issues with environmentalist, and people who are into green living. Due to this, the hunt is on for applications where the use of plastic lumber makes good economic sense and environmental sense as well. It is definitely a product that is eco-friendly, and requires virtually no maintenance.
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