Jan 212012

DIY Energy   SystemWith the economic system being how it is, I have found it rather funny that almost everything keeps getting more expensive. Regardless of the economy, the cost of energy is always going to rise year after year. Something that has been helping individuals to save money on rising energy costs would be the utilization of solar power to supply electricity for their homes. This has not been an option for some men and women as one solar panel unit costs more than $1,000. The Green DIY Energy program is a program that can teach you to build your own solar panels for a fraction of the price, and we will be taking a deeper look at this program here.

DIY  Energy SystemBasically the program will show you step by step, on the proper way to create your own solar panels and how you can save a large amount of cash as compared to retail units. Back in 2007, the cost of 1 solar panel attached to your house was $1,125. And with the rising cost of everything I would imagine that the price on this in addition has gone up. The positive aspect of this program is that it can present you how to build your own solar panels for less than $200 for each panel. Of course if you don’t mind expending just a little more time you can actually wind up building your solar panels at under $100 each, but it will take additional work collecting materials.

Many individuals actually charge big money for the components, but this program has discovered the cheapest places for you to get the supplies you need without paying a small fortune on them. The instructions themselves are so straightforward that they actually have a twelve year old that used this program to construct his own solar panel. And when a 12 year old can get it done there is no reason why anyone should have any difficulty doing it.

how solar energy systems operateYou will notice that this system is divided in to three sections. The first manual will show you just how solar energy systems operate and also explains how this is possible. Then in the following guide you will learn the total step by step process of how to create these solar panels.

You will see how to assemble the solar panel box and it goes all the way through to connecting the solar cells. After that in the final guide you will learn how to install the particular solar panels and also how to connect the batteries for storage of the excess electricity.

go greenAdditionally, you will receive a couple of bonus products when obtain this program. The very first bonus is essentially over 1 hour of step by step videos that demonstrate you exactly how to assemble a solar panel. This can be nice because some people learn better whenever they can observe someone else doing it first. And if your feeling a little more adventurous, the 2nd bonus shows you how to put together your own wind turbine. If your looking to go green or just save money on your utility bill this program  could be the  best choice you  ever make.

DIY The Cheapest Solar Panel System EVER Cheap Solar Power

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